“Our company opened a new office in Colorado, and Andy headed up our management team during the transition. His involvement was tremendous and streamlined our transition process. Andy worked with each team member to define company goals, provided good follow-up and motivated our team to achieve great results. There’s no way we would have gotten through the process without Andy.”

— Kevin Corley, president, Mid-State Industries

“What strikes me most about Andy is his ability to think strategically about all facets of an enterprise so that all components are working toward one goal, from the sourcing of material and managing physical, human and capital resources for optimum performance to strategic marketing and sales approaches to grow the top line. His strategies allow a business to remain nimble in the face of adversity and adaptable in a changing environment. Andy’s holistic approach to business and operations can be applied to any enterprise, regardless of size, to enhance shareholder and stakeholder value.”

— Mike Crowe, vice president, corporate banking, The PNC Financial Services Group

“Andy’s background as an owner and operator of a successful, family-owned business gives him some unique qualifications for successfully connecting with small and middle-market business owners. Andy’s education and background allow him to be a very strategic planner and thinker. His experience in manufacturing/operations and sales/marketing provide him with more ‘tools in his toolbox’ than any other consultant that I have worked with.”

— Richard Eck, president, Hinsdale Bank and Trust Co.

“Andy did an amazing job of transitioning to president at Trendler, and then of stepping out of the presidency years later and handing the reins to me. His ability to implement change, particularly in challenging or emotional situations, is his greatest asset. He’s a great communicator and a great listener, and he’s able to instill the confidence in people that they need to make difficult changes and take their businesses to the next level. His leadership skills are also exceptional. When you have a company with 20 managers, getting all of them to march to the same beat is difficult, but he was able to create a strong core team at our company and build the corporate culture that took us to the next phase of success.”

— Martin F. Gfesser, president, Trendler Inc.

“I’m part of a leadership forum that Andy developed, and the forum is a great source of ideas and advice from other professionals. I’ve been a business owner for 30 years, and Andy also has helped me and my business on a personal level. He’s a reliable resource — he’s always available to listen and help at any time of the day. He has a unique ability to listen to your concerns and needs, instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, and develop a customized solution that’s just right for you. He’s also got a great personality that makes you want to work with him. He tells you what needs to be done within your business, but never in a confrontational way.”

— Steve Hogel, owner, Mega Home Improvement

“I depended on Crossroads Business Partners to assist us through some tumultuous changes, as well as routine leadership challenges. The advice I got was always spot-on and compatible with my management style. I felt my concerns were always heard and I could expect a response to my inquiries faster than Jimmy John’s could deliver a sandwich!”

— Richard Lee, executive director, Waukegan Public Library

“I have known Andy for a number of years as a client and a mentor. He is my go-to person when I need help with growing my business or growing personally as a leader. I consider Andy my trusted business advisor who is always there to listen and collaborate. He is consistently pushing and encouraging me on ways to get my business to the next level and lead my organization to excellence. His consultation has been instrumental in starting and growing my business.”

— John D. Liacone, managing director, The Overture Group

“I have had the privilege and opportunity to join on the ground floor of the executive leadership forum concept that was launched by Andy Gfesser in May of 2008. Andy craftily assembled a wide spectrum of membership with vast professional talent and experiences that together provide invaluable insight into leadership, life purpose, relationships, health, wealth and spirituality. It has been astounding to realize the common struggles we share as leaders and the invaluable support that the forum provides to all members.”

— Matt Paterkeiwicz, senior director, global IT customer support

“Andy did a phenomenal job of working with our company. He has enormous insight and is down-to-earth and family-oriented, which is what we are, too. He spent about nine months dissecting our entire company and getting it into shape, including training my son to take over the general manager role. Business is still tough, but in a really negative climate, Andy was very positive, encouraging and fun to be around.”

— Pat Polcyn, president, Rendel’s GMC