Whether your organization needs a complete overhaul or specialized expertise in a particular area, Crossroads offers customized services to meet your needs.

Crossroads works closely with businesses from initial engagement to project completion, helping them to implement recommendations and connecting them to other resources, such as interim or part-time executive staff, as necessary. All clients benefit from Crossroads’ Success Map, a unique system designed to put organizations on track by optimizing use of resources and cash flow.

Crossroads provides business consulting in five core areas:

Human resources

A business is only as good as its people. Crossroads helps your company identify and hire invaluable employees and determine appropriate compensation for them; foster teamwork among workers; and teach staff leadership skills, including vital business skills and communication and conflict resolution techniques.


Crossroads sets your business on solid financial footing by pinpointing and resolving issues in accounting, cash-flow management and asset management. Crossroads also boosts your bottom line by helping your business develop sound pricing strategies and identify opportunities for sustainable cost reductions.


To ensure your company is getting the most market share possible, Crossroads helps you determine your target markets and the corresponding sales and profit potential, and define the value your company brings to the marketplace. In addition, Crossroads coaches your staff in all aspects of selling, from generating prospects to techniques for closing sales and effective post-sale follow-up.


Drawing on founder Andreas Gfesser’s extensive manufacturing background, Crossroads is well-equipped to streamline the most complex business operations. Crossroads relies on proven Six Sigma, lean and “just in time” strategies to perfect your inventory management, establish effective production processes and schedules, and determine the appropriate process flow and facility layout for your business.

Research and development

Before you pursue an expensive product or service launch, Crossroads evaluates whether it is viable financially and from a manufacturing or deliverability standpoint. If you’re ready to move forward, Crossroads helps you implement needed changes to your manufacturing operations and maximize the product or service’s positive effects on your bottom line.

Please contact Crossroads to discuss the services that are the best fit for your organization.