About Us

Founded in 2007, Crossroads provides hands-on business evaluation, consulting and implementation services from a seasoned chief executive officer.

Crossroads focuses on developing strong leaders inside companies, and positions those leaders for success by helping them institute best practices throughout their businesses.

Andreas Gfesser

Andreas “Andy” Gfesser is the founder and president of Crossroads. Andy brings more than 30 years of real-life business experience to Crossroads, including nine years as the CEO of multinational manufacturing company Trendler Inc. During his time at Trendler, Andy took the company global by establishing valuable supply chains in Asia and Europe, and grew profits to record levels.

Andy’s skills in complex manufacturing operations and executive leadership, coupled with his extensive coaching and mentoring experience, have helped him transform the culture and performance of many organizations since founding Crossroads. Andy has an executive master’s degree in business administration from Northern Illinois University and a bachelor’s degree from Eureka College. He also has specialized certification in a number of areas, including leadership development, lean and Six Sigma practices, and strategic planning.